Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Maze of Man staring into the great beyond

maze of the man in the window
Mazeratti maze of a man in the window, now say that 3 times fast | MAZE SOLUTION
Awesome maze artwork of a man sporting a suit and tie as he stares out the window.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Maze of Thunder and Awesome GIF

maze of thunder animated
Maze and animation of thunder and lightening strike | Solution 
If you’re trying to think about what to do on Saturday night, have we got the answer for you. Now this may not seem sexy since it’s something you do in the house and it’s not out on the town. But you’ll really enjoy yourself – trust us. What is it? It’s playing online casino real money games and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone having more fun than you are when you play. Before you start, get in the mood of having fun by checking out the funny cat memes that you’ll see online. Then, start to concentrate better with the coloring for grown ups that you can do and the mazes that are available all the time online. These items will help you to focus and to have a great time. When you’re ready, you can then get into the online casino games and have a blast with the real money choices in front of you.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Maze of Big Happy Face

This maze of a happy face is just one of many by Yanito Freminoshi. My favorite mazes have always been animal themed mazes. It seems that I am not alone. The talented Yanito Freminoshi, one of the leading maze artists today has dedicated many of his mazes to animals. Some of the mazes are humorous whilst others are simply beautiful. Best of all the mazes can be printed by anyone completely free of charge as they are available with no rights reserved online. So, if you are looking for a truly enjoyable way to while away some hours, check out the free mazes project by Freminoshi.
maze of happy face
Maze of happy face by Yanito Freminoshi | Maze's Solution Here

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Funny Cats

funny cat computer search browser history
cat on keyboard funny memeIn the waning years of the 20th century cat-fancier L.R. wrote to her beloved feline companions "....you obviously feel differently, but I assure you that I own you and not vice-versa.” Cats are famous for their character traits of showing distain, aloofness and the desire to dominate the people and events around them. So why do more pet owners own cats than any other type of pet? Reasons vary. Some people simply prefer a animal that requires the minimum amount of maintenance. Cats fit that description – it's not necessary to jump through a maze to take care of a cat who only really requires food and a clean litter box. Others like to live with an animal that may mirror their own non-social personality. But most cat owners feel that cats are misunderstood, and if you take the time to adapt yourself to the cat's needs, you'll have a friend for life. This outlook seems to be confirmed by the cat memes and videos of funny cats which currently populate social media. There aren't many dog memes and the funny dog videos that are online mostly highly goofy dogs doing ungainly things. In contrast, the videos of funny cats provide a glimpse into the complex personalities of cats. You can see cats cuddling mice and birds, nursing puppies, jumping on their owners for a 3:00a.m. wake-up call, stalking inanimate objects, running through a maze, climbing out of an unexpected bath and observing games of slots with their online casino-gambling owners. When you watch funny cat videos and photos you can understand why mental health professionals recommend that their clients get a cat – the cat's gentle nature, combined with its low-maintenance and desire for companionship (admittedly, different cats have different levels of tolerance for companionship, but most want SOME kind of cuddlying and pampering) make cats terrific pets for almost any household. As the cat videos demonstrate, cats are excellent pets for families with children, for seniors, for people with physical or emotional disabilities and all other populations. Anyone who's seen the video of the cat batting a baby swing back and forth (with the baby inside) will want to bring a cat home immediately while those who have had a chance to view videos of cats in therapeutic settings will understand the reasons that the population of "service cats" has begun to expand at a phenomenal rate.   

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Time is 11:11 Maze O'Clock

Maze a wish at 11:11
Maze of 11:11 O'Clock - Maze Solved HERE
hero cat meme
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