Monday 28 April 2014

Why you don't need to worry about UFO's or Aliens

Alien UFOs?

rocket ship
There seems to be a recurrent theme with all conspiracy theorists, particularly those in the western world in areas with wide open spaces and a slight element of isolation: UFO and Aliens. Some think that aliens exsist, but they are good at hiding from the government. Others think it is a government conspiracy to cover up aliens. Other even go so far as to accuse government being in cahoots with these aliens or even that said government officials are aliens themselves! Where did this all start? 

How did people come up with this crazy notion and how is it so tied up with a government conspiracy theorist. This article will explore some of the finer details and help you rest better at night knowing that alien invasions are no imminent.

No Need For Tin Foil Hats!

Hat of Tin Foil

Many of the conspiracy theorists seem to also believe that these invisible aliens are also able to read our thoughts. In order to counter this, they recommend wearing tin foil hats. This little detail really adds an element of quackery to it all, but lets continue...the tin foil hats are intended to block your brain waves from escaping your head. I guess the brain waves scanners can't get around a thin layer of metal or just scan through your face.

Relax folks, there is no need to worry about space aliens, and here is why...

cat wearing tin foil hat
i can haz PPPRRRrrr-tection from alienz?

shark from tin foilWhile there might be some radio effects caused by aluminium foil, it is probably best that you either make goofy sculptures from the tin foil, or keep it for preserving chinese food leftovers. Besides, what is going on in your head that you want to keep from the aliens?

OK, now lets explore where the concept of UFOs came about.

Unidentified Flying Object? YES! - but not from aliens.

jet aircraft prototypeUFO sightings seemed to have peaked around the 1950's primarily in areas of the US that has expansive open spaces and clear blue skies 300 days every year. It is no coincidence that this was the golden era for jet aircrafts and many of the flying prototypes were not something people were used to seeing in the skies. Combine this with the cold war element, in which the United States wanted their secrets kept from the Russians, so rather than think it was a human aircraft, the loners living out in the wilderness thought it was aliens.

Imagine for a moment how you would feel if you saw an airplane in the sky without knowing what it was. It would not be too far a thought to consider it was other-worldly. 

Some aircrafts were really flying saucers

airplane USAF flying saucer

Airplane Goofball
Many of the experimental aircrafts from the 50's and 60's were indeed flying saucers. The overall concept of areodynamics and flight mechanics were perfected during this period, so naturally some of the outlandish designs flew a few times, and then disappeared from service.

Aircraft testing keeps going on, but we all know its an airplane

one fast motha fu#$4r

Planes, Birds and some strange creatures DO fill our skies.

sugar glider
In the past, only birds were capable of flying, except for a few strange creatures such as bats or a sugar glider. So if you saw something flying in the air, it caught your attention. Nowadays, if aliens showed up it would be assumed that they were simply aircraft, as we are so used to seeing planes and choppers in the sky.

Maze of a Flying Bat

Maze of Bat
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Other Versions of Flying Bat Maze

Maze of Eco Locating Batmaze of a bat

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